2015 Corporate Profile records NOJA Power’s growing export success and strong financial performance

40-page publication details continued leadership in Australian medium-voltage switchgear market, investment in R&D and award-winning health & wellbeing program

Press Release

June 2015 – Brisbane, Australia

corporate profile

Electrical switchgear engineers NOJA Power today announces the publication of its 2015 Corporate Profile. The publication provides an overview of the company’s investment in manufacturing, as well as its commitment to research & development (R&D), staff development, product quality and customer service. In addition, a section of the profile details the company’s financial performance and shows increasing net-worth growth and a maintained level of net-profit-after-tax growth.

NOJA Power specialises in the R&D, manufacture, marketing, sales and service of low and medium voltage switchgear products. Over 35,000 NOJA Power OSM series medium-voltage (15, 27 and 38 kV) Automatic Circuit Reclosers (ACRs) (see “About the NOJA Power OSM range” below) have been installed by utilities in 82 countries around the world.

The 2015 Corporate Profile covers the company’s history, structure, manufacturing, R&D, quality assurance, NOJA Power Brazil, financial report, employees, channels to market, employee profile, health & wellbeing program, product lines and awards & memberships.

The publication reveals that up to 10 percent of the company’s turnover is invested in R&D every year with a focus on the environmental impact of the products. NOJA Power’s ACRs feature vacuum interrupts and solid dielectric insulators, are housed in stainless steel tanks and feature controlled arc venting. Also detailed is the upgrading of the in-house testing facilities for impulse testing up to 600 kV and power frequency testing up to 200 kV.

According to the profile, 17 percent of NOJA Power’s employees are university educated with a further 33 percent possessing trade certificates or diplomas. The workforce combines youth with experience with 43 percent of NOJA Power’s employees aged under 35 and 20 percent over 50. The profile also reveals that net-profit-after-tax growth exceeded 20 percent and net-worth growth increased to over 25 percent during the 2013/2014 financial year.

“The company profile is an important opportunity to inform our existing customers and new prospects of NOJA Power’s investment in our people, facilities and product development,” says Neil O’Sullivan, NOJA Power’s Managing Director. “The profile also provides an overview of our continuing positive financial performance - giving those customers the confidence that NOJA Power will be able to provide innovative new products and support for many years into the future.”

“I am particularly pleased that the profile features an extended section on our health & wellbeing program. I am proud of this initiative which has been cited by the state government as an example of how to implement such a scheme. Our staff are the company’s most significant asset and not only has the program improved staff health it has also raised their productivity.”

Download NOJA Power’s 2015 Corporate Profile.